PeercastersPicks: GeoChirp

July 29, 2009


Geochirp ( is an amazing third party twitter app with MAJOR potential.  Not only can you find twits within your geographic area, you can also SEARCH for any term within your geographic area….

let that settle in for a second.

Before Geochrip’s interface graced us with its stalker-esque beauty, there was no real way for small mom and pop shops, confined to a few locations, to find their fan base within a given area through twitter.  Sure, they could have played around with a hashtag or three, but hashtags deals more with a web community, not a 20th century brick and mortar one.

Tools like are springing up all over the place as web 2.o slowly gives birth to its predecessor, the 3!.!0! (Are we even allowed to talk about it yet?) Web 2.0 was(is) all about sharing and collaborating on topics without geographical boundaries while web (shhhhhh) is taking global online causes and adding location to the mix.

The more tools like Geochirp emerge, having the ability to navigate local communities with the same precision as Communities based on issues and hobbies will become a HUGE trend.

Check out the screen video of me looking for fellow science fiction tweeters near Bleeker street, ny!

and check out this great service!

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