Social Media Poaching–Because doing it traditionally is Boring…

November 17, 2009

If Only I had a web business so I could try this out.

As you may or may not know…there are literally Millions of new social networks/web start-ups to cater the needs of the ever growing webulation (population+web—tricky I know). Most of these services have a general Zeitgeist to them. Examples include:

Conservipedia– Douches

These personas have taken shape over a period of time as each site grew in size and content.

(What Am I getting at?)

If I had a viable business with a pretty straight forward brand personality, I would do my best to search for upcoming web communities that align with my company’s values and product offerings. If I were an early adopter of one of these sites and it happened to explode, the community would have a greater sense of trust towards my brand and my feeble attempts to sell them…um…let’s say Segways(in a perfect world). Why would this work? Because a brand who dabbles with the innovators will be seen as a scarce resource that only the community is privy to. If successful, these socialites would love your product because you are *PAYING ATTENTION TO THEM* —-something I’m sure they are unfamiliar with if they spend so much time finding new social networking sites with a population of <100.

Now…I’m not suggesting that you ADVERTISE with these new sites (BIG NO NO), but simply try and immerse yourself in whatever the community has to offer. Post links, make friends, do as the Romans do.

(and tell me how it goes)

It would take doubt…but, like all investments, the potential for even nominal success would increase as the popularity of the site does. (Just imagine if you had been an early Digg User? Now you would be a powerhouse! What would you do with that power?)

Just a thought….


One Response to “Social Media Poaching–Because doing it traditionally is Boring…”

  1. Nick said

    I think you should take it upon yourself to scour the web for these sapling communities, and share them with us! I’m down to try out your technique!

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