Pixazza: Picture Whoring (at a great price!)

November 24, 2009


Despite the title, I like the concept behind Pixazza, a Google backed start-up which allows any blogger to monitize the photos they display on their site.

It’s a pretty simple concept: Pixazza feeds information through a small piece of javascript code which loads the Pixazza widget into (onto?) your site….And BAM!

Once a visitor hovers their mouse over a picture on your site, Pixazza will display information on the product and how to purchase it. The revenue you can amass is dependent on the number of visitors to your site, but I don’t see why every blogger wouldn’t want some sort of service like Pixazza hosted on their blog.

One thing that struck me as sorta funny is that Pixazza contracts “Product Experts.” Essentially, these “experts” do the grunt work with regards to finding the product featured within each picture.  Fear not “Product Experts,” Pixazza makes it easy for you to do your “Job” from your “home” (garage)?

“Pixazza’s platform aggregates datafeeds from dozens of merchants into a catalog with millions of products. Pixazza manages a queue of images to work on, and provides full text search and other tools to find matching products.”

Pictured: Behind the scenes at Pixazza

That being said…Who watches the Watchmen? I guess with Google backing them, they have plenty of man power.

You can sign up for the service here or try your hand as a product monkey here.

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