That’s ALittleBitWeird.Com

November 24, 2009

For those that know me, I have a habit of saying things that don’t make much sense. Furthermore, if the non-sense that comes out of my mouth is catchy and memorable, others will start saying it. Soon, the sickness will spread to the point of no return and the verbal Frankensteins I’ve created walk freely among the living . The most recent case, however, is one I pride myself on. Based on one of my good friend’st Start-Up, A Little Bit Weird Apparel, I inadvertently got a large group of friends to pose as highly contagious, walking billboards for an apparel company with a catchy name. Every time I would witness something unusual, I would point out to my friends that:

“That’s a little Bit Weird Dot Com”

What first started as a little jab at a clever name, soon became the thing to do. This was immensely helpful to my friend Nick who founded a little bit weird. Besides the fact that I was mentioning his company multiple times a day, it seems that I had created a mini-viral campaign for his company. Now, if something strikes me as odd, I will reply (regardless of who is around me)

“That’s a little Bit Weird Dot Com”

This creates a dialogue where I can tell rando’s about my friend’s clever clothing operation.

Pretty neat right?

Now, to start this operation on a global scale, I will start off with a few examples. Feel free to post your own in the comments section.

“That’s a little Bit Weird Dot Com”

”That’s a little Bit Weird Dot Com”

Everything on this site is a little Bit Weird Dot Com

If you have a start-up with a clever name, something small like this could be fun to try out in our Viral Culture.


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