–When that special someone leave’s your Garage

November 26, 2009

With Excuses ranging from “I’m sleeping with your Dad” to “The Funky Cold Medina wore off,” NeedMySpace is the perfect tool for a society that checks up on their toddlers via Text message.

But wow…. this is a lazy service. Essentially NeedMySpace sends an E-mail FOR YOU with snarky comments and a cute picture. Have we really gotten to the point where sending an E-mail has become a hassle?

Regardless, it seems to be a success (?) with more than 8500 relationships ended….

I don’t know about you, but when the time comes to slap a restraining order on that dude that lives in my garage, I’ll be sure to go the NeedMySpace route first.

Score I’m giving NeedMySpace for forcing me to star at that color pink: 0

Chances he’ll leave your garage: Unlikely


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