Dear, I’m really trying to like you

November 28, 2009

Dear Mr.,

Dispute the catchy tune you got your name from, I’m having a hard time adopting to your service.   Maybe it’s the fact that your site is a little too self serving, a little too meaningless. Believe me, I’ve tried uploading a video of myself every couple of days (scratch that, I haven’t), I’ve even filled out all the information fields you’ve provided—but something isn’t quiet right.

Yeah, you’ve followed the rules to creating a well rounded social network, but i can’t quiet see the value in posting videos to a bunch of people I don’t know. Furthermore, I can’t see how this finds it’s place within my wellrounded social media intake as pictured below (from Patrick Moberg’s Site.)

It’s supposed to be a place that  “puts all your latest stuff from around the web into one tiny calling card that lets you update your status with video.”

Try your luck at  Be sure to look for me at DanSims

Lemme know what you think, maybe I’m just not getting it.

Yours, user DanSims

One Response to “Dear, I’m really trying to like you”

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