AudioBoo: Hand Held Personal Democracy

December 2, 2009

I spent last summer at the  The Personal Democracy Forum, a leading edge organization focused on the intersection of technology and politics .  I vividly  remember my two bosses at the time,   Micah Sifry and Andrew Risiej, pondering what the next “killer app” for Democracy might be.  While I’m not calling AudioBoo the app of all app’s for Citizen Journalism, AudioBoo points to a group of forward thinking developers looking for broad scale, instantaneous journalism.

AudioBoo enable podcasts to be recorded  on the fly and forwarded to Facebook, Twitter and Posterous through your IPhone.  If I were an IPhone (with a Journalistic background), I would be keen on AudioBoo for my Journo-Tactics.

Also, if you like thought-provoking talks on the future of Technology and Democracy, I would head over to the Personal Democracy Forum”s Media Section and blog to check what Micah and Andrew are up to.


One Response to “AudioBoo: Hand Held Personal Democracy”

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