Vitrue: The First Free Social Media Brand Monitor?

December 3, 2009

Found a snappy little tool today called Virtrue that bills itself as “technology services for social media marketing.”  This peeked my interest because one of the hardest things for a brand manager to do, at the moment, is measure the success of a marketing campaign through social media.

Vitrue let’s you plug in your brand and that of a competitor to compare the two side by side.  It measures each brand through the following metrics:

If any Marketing Manager has a clue about anything ever…I would suggest incorporating Vitrue into their brand analytics strategy.

Funny thing to note, I plugged in Twitter and Facebook to see which was the better of the two in terms of social media, and this is what Vitrue came up with:

It  feels like an infinite loop when I plug in the two social networks that Vitrue uses to conduct it’s analytics.  Regardless,  Twitter nor Facebook perfoms the other platforms service very well (according to Vitrue).  Yet they both scored the highest possible score on Vitrue’s Metric.


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