WhoSampled: So this is why Daft Punk cancelled their tour

December 3, 2009


For those  who don’t know, fake Daft Punk tickets were circulating for a show in Shanghai and I guess it pissed off Daft Punk enough to quite their tour? (Unverified)

Regardless, I might have found the real reason Daft Punk is angry… WhoSampled

If you’re a DJ, Junkie, or DJunkie, WhoSampled is awesome for finding which tracks were sampled by various artists.

Why would this anger the Daft Punk Gods?  For starters, they already wear helmets lest anyone know their identity.  Lastly, their was something fun about the hectic world of Music Sampling that Artists like Daft Punk afforded us.

Thanks for ruining the Scene WhoSampled !!! Now everything’s going to start making sense.


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