Uooo: Robo.To’s Top Secret Project

December 5, 2009

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Aubrey Anderson and Ericson deJesus, two of the Co-founders of Robo.to.  It’s gradin’ season round here, hopefully the talk between these cool fellows will be up in the next week or so.


As we were wrapping up, I noticed an upcoming service featured on Particle, the baby daddy of Robo.to.  I questioned the duo on what we might expect from this new service, dubbed Uooo.tv, and they were extremely hush hush about it.

All Aubrey and Ericson could tell me about the Pre-Alpha Uooo.tv is that it’s something else to do with your  phone’s video camera.  It’ll be an app. for all major phones  that captures short form video.

“the new way to capture bigfoot…”

Based on our talks, I would hedge my bets on Uooo being a twitteresque mobile video platform.  In the interview, they briefly mentioned how they were working with Android phones to take Robo.to to it’s next logical step: anyone would be able to upload tagged videos from anywhere. It would be revolutionary! The world would be televised….if that’s a good thing.

omg this’ll totally be a hit on Uooo tomorrow.

Aubrey and Ericson were kind enough to give me the pleasure of signing up early for Uooo.tv, reassuring me my E-mail Address would find it’s way to Uooo.tv’s top secret E-mail list .   Anyone else use Robo.to and think they know what Uooo.tv might be?  Shoot me a mail before all communication turns pixelized and expect to see Uooo.tv early next year.


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