Triond: Next Generation Publishing

December 7, 2009


“Triond is a complete publishing service that enables users to easily publish quality content of any type, in any media format.”

Triond would like every blogger to become a freelance publisher for profit.  The content has to be original and it seems to go through a rigorous process before Triond disseminates your article through its network.  Triond shares 50% of revenue generated with the author (not bad?) and does all the hard work of keeping your balance in check.

it seems I’m not a top earner at Triond

Triond does a good job of creating a hub for others to view a publisher’s web activities. I am a little disappointed, however, that Triond doesn’t allow you to “own” the content you produce.

If I already owned a blog, why would I sign up for Triond?  I see Triond as a great way to spread my pen name across the web, but ultimately the link goes back to your Triond page.

I feel like Triond is just reproducing the newspaper model in a virtual space, and maybe that’s the point.

Triond is a great tool if you just got laid off from the NewYorker; otherwise, I would stick to your own platform.


One Response to “Triond: Next Generation Publishing”

  1. I just joined Triond 2 days ago, and so far I am really liking it… this post was great for some additional info though, so thanks!

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