Holy Shit! Some dude named DOD is stealing all our Money!

December 8, 2009

The great thing about transparency is that nothing can be hidden from the world!  Another way to look at it is that now people can be held accountable for their shoddy work.  With The Government’s recently developed IT Dashboard, the average shmo can view government contracts through different federal departments.

Case in Point:

Shown here is the Department of Defenses major investments which totals 9.6 Billion in 2009 IT spending. The colors coordinate with how well a project is perceived and can be rated by anyone.

If we delve into a specific project, say,


we get a sense that the project isn’t doing to well… maybe that’s because the project is 120 day’s overdue

Not to fear, each project list’s the “head of command” with the appropriate information to contact whoever can’t get it up (project quota project quota project quota).

What’s the point of all of this?  it.usaspending.gov is a cool site that showcases how our government interacts with contractors and how each project performs.   Quiet a wealth of information up their if you ever needed to do a paper, or stalk a representative..your call.


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