The Men In Suits are Plotting Against Us

December 10, 2009

While looking for some dirt to pull up for an infograph, I found some stats “The Suits” have been gathering on us “internet users” for a while now.  Soon they’ll be selling things straight into our EYEBALLS!!!!  Fortunately for us, we don’t seem to care.

Seems their are a whole group of Flamers on the net who “like to argue with other members.”  But don’t worry, The Suits recommend you “refocus the discussion on higher goals of community”

What is this…An analysis report or a sermon?!

They also seem to understand the growth pattern of a web community and how we “act” within them

bent over and willing

My Personal Favorite, however, are the “Mommy Blogger” Stats

61% of Clueless Mommy Bloggers go by trust in the advertisement!!?!

What have I learned from internet research? Their is a lot of it; mostly on our buying patterns, sometimes on our sexual orientation, and never on anything fun.

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