Microlending Made Easy

December 14, 2009

You know those Conspiracy Theorist friends of yours that are always like:

“I’d totally donate money to this charity…but I hear it gives you AIDS” will shut those cheapo’s up.

They’ve created an easy to use platform that gives you direct access to who you’ve donated to.

Most are entrepreneurs with great ideas serving their community.  You can track how well a project is doing and how much capital has been raised so far.  The best part about is the service puts a face to the entire charity/lending process.


2 Responses to “ Microlending Made Easy”

  1. Truthinlending said

    Kiva is not what it seems — it does not enable one-to-one loans.

    A recent blog post by microcredit expert David Roodman provoked a firestorm when it exposed that Kiva lenders are not, in fact, giving their money directly to the person whose picture they see and story they read.

    The New York times wrote a recent Kiva expose confirming that “the direct person-to-person connection Kiva offered was in fact an illusion”

    In the interest of accuracy, please inform your readers that their donated funds are put into a pool and lent to borrowers who, may or may not, be like the ones in the pictures.

  2. […] Update!  It seems some controversy around and their lending habits have sprung up (as mentioned in the comments section of an […]

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