Highdeas: The Best Highdea of Them All?

December 15, 2009

Similar to Digg and Reddit, The collective stoner that is HighDEAS share and vote on the best ideas while high.

May I suggest to the entrepreneurs among us, regardless of our political views, that we listen  and learn from this untapped market?  The least we do could is poach the site for some basic business models.  Heck, these are some great ideas!

Or how about the Pringles Push up?

“so you’re really in the zone with a can of pringles and you’re starting to reach the bottom quarter of the tube: instead of either 1. getting your hand stuck or 2. making your hands, couch, lap all greasy and full of crumbs, pringles cans should come built like the old school orange flinstones push-up pops with a stick to push up and raise the level of the chips. whoa.”

In this economy, I would listen to any demographic.  Especially one that eats a lot and forgets all the great ideas they have won’t execute their great highdeas.

Did you catch that Pringles?  Your Target Market is quiet innovative, I would listen to them

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