Kapitall.com: Awesome, Crazy, Social Take On The Online Investment Tool

December 17, 2009

Kapitall.com is an online investment tool that is socially minded and visually stimulating.   Kapitall is unique for many reasons but I like how they describe themselves best:

“By combining the first ‘drag and drop’ investing interface with engaging design, we intend to make the stock market a fun place to grow for a whole new generation of investors.”

Kapitall is a tool to experiment and test out your investment skills before heading to the market.  They provide in-depth analytics to track and monitor your progress as you play around with their service.

Aside from the functional trading tools, it’s really the Social aspect of  Kapitall that sets the new service a part from the crowd.  Specifically, the ability to share and build relationships with the rest of the Kapitall community (Kapitallists?).  This must be what they mean when they intended to create a fun place to grow a new generation of investors.

Kapitall.com is a great example of what it really means for a functional service to turn “social.”  Plan to see the social investment tool buzzing around the net in the near future if they’re lucky enough to snag a spot at January’s NY Tech Meetup

More screen shots below

Drag and Drop

Connect and Share

Investor DNA- This was cool.   Kapitall asked me a variety of questions to “figure out my Investor DNA”

Connect and Share- Now that Kapitall has labeled my Investor DNA “News Junkie”  I can connect and share with other “News Junkies” (good guess btw).

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