Snagsta: Lists on Steriods

December 18, 2009

“Snagsta is a place to debate & discover lists”

It’s well known that lists are a great way to get a message across the web (Cracked is a great example). Snagsta takes the concept a bit further, providing a landscape for lists and a forum for Snagstas (pronounced like Gangstas i’m assuming) to discuss said lists.

here’s an example of a list I recently made

Once a list is created anyone can view, comment, and vote on individual entries

Content of a list

The Snagsta community serves as more of a forum to suggest lists rather than interact with other Snagstas. You can follow people, but in the end it’s really their lists your following, not the individual. I wish their was a bit more social interaction built into the design, but it does its primary objective well which is all that matters.

Might I make a suggestion Snagsta? Why not make an option to port out lists to blogs and social networks? Just an idea.

For all you List lovers, head over to Snagsta and tell me what you think in the comments


2 Responses to “Snagsta: Lists on Steriods”

  1. Alex Moore said

    Thanks for the mention guys and for the suggestions. We do have a, “do things with this list” option on the full list view which lets you share content with social networks but I guess we need to think about its placement better if you guys missed it. If you have any thoughts please do let us know.

    In the mean time, keep up the great work with Peer.

    Snagsta co-founder

    PS Loved the Snagsta Gangsta!

  2. dansimerman said

    Hey Alex,

    I’d love to talk!

    Shoot me an E-mail it’s



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