Olark: Chat With The Weird That Frequent Your Site

December 21, 2009

Olark helps you “sell better using simple live chat on your website.” The applications of Olark are far reaching and beneficial to any web seller. That being said, I could see Olark as extremely problematic if not handled properly.

If you’re not familiar with the Facebook Generation, let one thing be clear: We don’t like being sold to. Because of this, some shops have gone 360 and hired the few of us who get angry when asked a question. I hope those wielding the power of Olark use it with discretion, lest our extremist generation bash your web offerings.

Example of “Old Selling”

Olark is best used for short, answerable questions. During my visit to the site, I initiated the conversation and got my needs met in the span of a minute. Probably the first time I can say it was satisfying to talk to a website.

Example of “new selling”

Olark connects with your desired Instant Messaging service, assuring that you can be glued to the internet forever answer any question that comes through the Olark service

Don’t know about anyone else, but I’d be worried if someone wanted to “Olark” with me and I wasn’t available to answer their question. I encountered Olark a few weeks ago and got pissed when a robot prompted me, then ignored me when I said wuddup.

Somewhere in the Middle

My last impression of the Olark service (on the Olark site) left me impressed. Not because of the functionality, but because of Matt who I was in communication with. He told me most prefer to wait until a visitor asks a question and most questions are short. To put it briefly, Olark turns you into your sites Sales/Communications/PR Manager. I would recommend Olark if you’re serious about customer service, otherwise you’re just pissing off visitors.

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