Simler: A Well Executed Virtual Family

December 22, 2009

When entering Simler, one is asked “Are we Simler?”

What starts off as an exercise in tagging your hobbies reveals itself as a tight knit community of inside-jokesters.

I don’t know why Simler is so addicting. It’s basically a large ‘wall to wall’ that can be dissected through tags and personality traits. I would like to think of Simler as a closed off hybrid twitter/facebook with personality.

The difference between Simler and some other communual sites i’ve visited recently is that these folks are passionate about EVERYTHING (especially Simler). I recently stumbled onto a small group who perform the act of Skunking, Skyping with other Simler members while drunk.

They can’t get enough of doing things together and would probably enjoy the opportunity owning land in the name of Simler-Topia.

I asked the group if, like most online communities, there were any faux pas I should be aware of before committing to Simler. I haven’t received an answer yet, But Lindsay, the self proclaimed head of the Skunking community just sent me an invite to their secret ritual. Cool!

In fact, many of the groups elite have already friended me on Skype for the anticipated Skunking.

See that? That’s real passion right there folks.


3 Responses to “Simler: A Well Executed Virtual Family”

  1. Woo, yay for joining the Skunking group!

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