Spezify: Visual Search Is Dope!

December 28, 2009

Maybe it’s just my right brain talking, but Spezify gives me the sense that I could, theoretically, understand the internet.  What does it mean to visualize search and why should you start “searching visually”?

Spezify visually represents the result of a search query and what platform the content is coming from.   I can tell if a search result is from twitter, youtube or a blog simply by how Spezify presents the results.  What i’ve noticed during my trial period with Spezify is that it’s given me a broader understanding of the topic I’m looking for.  I searched RJD2 and was able to actually see the cover of his new album, streamlining the search process and bypassing multiple searches on the same subject.

Where most search engines lead you to the  source of  a piece of content, Spezify throws the content in your face and lets you decide what’s appropriate.   Spezify, I approve.



One Response to “Spezify: Visual Search Is Dope!”

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