I Am A Startup Addict…And These New Drugs Blow

January 9, 2010

I’ve been building up my “streams of start-up information” for the past couple of days now. This has proven to be a difficult task because each stream comes with it an entire world of new web start-ups that I feel compelled to sign up for and try out. I haven’t posted a new service in a while because I HAVE SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! Seriously though, you don’t want to venture into this world: It’s dark, lonesome, and often times confusing. In the past two days, I’ve observed at least 100 sites whose sole purpose is to listen into the conversation…WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN! (they’ll tell you one thing, but I can assure you that every web service uses this cliche tag line differently).

So now I have about 50 start-ups in my queue and i’m not sure If I should review ANY of them.  I can’t even imagine how some of these business models were followed through and what their exit strategy is…


Look…I know it’s cool to incorporate media, get remote analytics and splash an entire site with Helvetica…But can we please keep the start-up world to services that have something to do with our lives and don’t add to the clutter?  I would hope that the great talents of our generation take the time to research, or at least improve upon, technologies that make web intake EASIER… Because your brainfarts are starting to stink up the place.


2 Responses to “I Am A Startup Addict…And These New Drugs Blow”

  1. Wahhhh so many startups!

  2. Harrison said

    a lot of crappy sites use buzz words to pull people in and collect advertising rev.

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