Indabamusic: Another Take On the Future of Music Production

January 9, 2010

I’m not sure about the state of the music industry at the moment, but Indabamusic is a creative take on where the industry could go: a frantic, splintered world where polygamous beats casually make love and leave numerous offspring behind.

Indabamusic is an entire community dedicated to the proliferation of open source music. As with all communities you can find, friend, and mix with anyone whose created a beat and uploaded it to the Indaba platform. Multiple people can collaborate on a track and spread it around to create something truly organic (think postal service…sans postage costs).

Indabamusic also hosts a wide range of contests for community members to participate in. It’s a pretty smart system where up and comers can test their mixing skills while artists reach a new audience.

The only vague part about the service is how they conduct the business aspect of music production. From what I’ve gathered, negotiations are held strictly between individuals in the community and all rights belong to the mix(ers?)….hm….

What happens if multiple artists work together to produce one song that becomes a smash hit? Do they chalk it up to good publicity or kill eachother over the rights? Because the Indabamusic infrastructure was built over the soon to implode music industry, we can’t be sure what issues or legal formalities will come through crowd sourced music projects. If anything, IndabaMusic is a great experiment whose format should grow apparent to production companies in the near future.

From a starving artists point of view, I would join the Indabamusic community just to gain some exposure and make friends with those who are in a similar situation. What is fast becoming a philosophy of mine is that becoming a “power user” in a communitys’ early stage of development could pay off in the future. Show you’re dedicated to the Indaba community and I’m sure they’ll reciprocate.

One Response to “Indabamusic: Another Take On the Future of Music Production”

  1. […] If you are someone  interested in new, developing models for the music industry, you might want to check out this new not-for-profit consulting firm for musicians. Headed by Seton Hawkins and my good friend Alex Kamergorodsky, Moving Arts Forward is a general music service non-profit organization that offers artistic advisement, business development, educational services, and performance opportunities to independence artists and arts organizations.  This startup is trying to develop the arts through a new model that involves finding grants, connecting artists to necessary people and organizations, finding agents, providing legal advice and putting on free community events.  In doing so, Alex and Seton are trying to free musicians from the grasp of the “industry,” something I have documented in some of my previous posts. […]

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