Skyecandy: Turning Speed Dating Into a Skype Add-On

January 22, 2010

Skyecandy is a free service that utilizes Skype to create an online speed dating service for the lazy forward thinking among us. Don’t get me wrong, I see something like this catching on in a couple years when our relationship with technology takes a more liberal stance…But for the time being Skyecandy might be a case of a technology that people aren’t ready to adopt. Would you really be excited to tell your friends at a cocktail party that you and your partner met through a speed dating skype session? I…Don’t…Think…So.

I won’t go into detail for the sake that Skyecandy is a pretty complex service, but I will say that it’s an interesting concept geared towards women who wish to turn the dating process into a casual shopping spree at, complete with ratings and user comments!

Watch the video and tell us if you agree…Do you see yourself finding your true love through virtual speed dating?

Only if it comes with free shipping


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