Emotify: Share Cool Sites Without Fear Of Emotional Ambiguity

February 1, 2010

I love services that try and make sharing multiple websites easier.  That’s why I’m writing to you today about Emotify, a service that aims to group and share websites based on emotion.

Unlike most list services that merely depict a shorthand list, Emofity creates a semi-presentation of the content and lets you maneuver through the sites by way of an Emotify navigation bar .  We’ve seen an iteration of this through the link shortening service Fur.ly, however Emotify has built a communal aspect around sharing multiple websites through a single URL.

With an Emotify profile, you can set your mood and friends can share Emofity packages that they’ve created within that Emotional category.  Emotify has also decided to include a  Diggesque fucntion to the site by way of adding and upvoting content.

Two things:

Why did Emotify decided to use the word “content” to describe websites added to an Emotipack?  I would think the Emotify brand could have spared some equity while thinking of what to call all that stuff you look at all day (EVERYONE CALLS CONTENT CONTENT)…Sounds a bit unemotional if you ask me.

Lastly, Emotify really has something going for itself by pursuing the concept of sharing websites as “packages.”  It’s way easier to share a group of websites under a single URL than by an E-mail comprised of 7 URLS.  However growth impacts Emotify in the future, I would advise they keep Emotipacks as their core competency and build around the concept.  I would rather see Emotify be great at one thing rather than strive to cover a whole gamut of different content sharing styles.


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