MyBrandz: Tattoo Your Favorite Brand (To Your Virtual Forehead!)

March 16, 2010

MyBrandz wants you to mark yourself with all of your favorite brands so others will know that you love brands!  Just like them!  Woo Hoo!

A virtual dream come true for companies, MyBrandz does fulfill the Self Expressive benefit most brands lack in the virtual arena. That being said, a service that lets you express your love of all things Capitalism won’t get much backing if none of the companies represented are on board. I like their sense of humor about the very real threats ahead:

Seriously though…Why would a brand sue you for giving it extra publicity?  This is something, as a marketing student, I’ll never understand.  They’ll push a commercial or viral video they made with cardboard for Youtube, but, by golly, if someone tries interacting with a brand without permission, Shit Goes Down.

MyBrandz would do itself good to become a Facebook app and ditch the site.  You want the broader audience to kick start the service, and the viral aspects of Facebook are crucial to a service like this.  Overall, MyBrandz is a great first iteration of an idea that will be forced down our throats soon enough.


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