Hey Gravity… I’ve been waiting patiently for some of that private beta loving for about a month now. What are you hiding?!

What does it take to get an invite these days? I understand that your minimalist landing page is supposed to get me craving Gravity but it’s been too long! The least you could do is call me back the next morning after that one night stand, I don’t even know what you do!

Has anyone else been waiting absurdly long for this golden beta invite?


Skyecandy is a free service that utilizes Skype to create an online speed dating service for the lazy forward thinking among us. Don’t get me wrong, I see something like this catching on in a couple years when our relationship with technology takes a more liberal stance…But for the time being Skyecandy might be a case of a technology that people aren’t ready to adopt. Would you really be excited to tell your friends at a cocktail party that you and your partner met through a speed dating skype session? I…Don’t…Think…So.

I won’t go into detail for the sake that Skyecandy is a pretty complex service, but I will say that it’s an interesting concept geared towards women who wish to turn the dating process into a casual shopping spree at Amazon.com, complete with ratings and user comments!

Watch the video and tell us if you agree…Do you see yourself finding your true love through virtual speed dating?

Only if it comes with free shipping

Social dating site SkyeCandy mixed with Busy P’s Rainbow Man

(Click the pic to watch)

Graphic.ly is a community for comic book junkies. I don’t know the extent to which you can comment and discuss  individual comics…or really anything about the functionality of Graphic.ly, but I bet a social network dedicated to comics created by comic book nerds has to be somewhat creative and user oriented. You can also purchase comics from Graphic.ly that I’m assuming (for the sake of the internet) mesh well with my soon to be apple tablet.  For the time being, Graphic.ly runs exclusively on Adobe Air (uh oh)… But it looks as though they plan to roll out both phone and web based apps in the near future (THANK G*D).

Oh Private Beta…how I dote on thee. What hides behind your oft elusive splash page?

Social Media Ransom Note!

January 11, 2010


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Appify helps you find great apps that are relevant to your location/community. Nuff said.







I’ve been building up my “streams of start-up information” for the past couple of days now. This has proven to be a difficult task because each stream comes with it an entire world of new web start-ups that I feel compelled to sign up for and try out. I haven’t posted a new service in a while because I HAVE SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! Seriously though, you don’t want to venture into this world: It’s dark, lonesome, and often times confusing. In the past two days, I’ve observed at least 100 sites whose sole purpose is to listen into the conversation…WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN! (they’ll tell you one thing, but I can assure you that every web service uses this cliche tag line differently).

So now I have about 50 start-ups in my queue and i’m not sure If I should review ANY of them.  I can’t even imagine how some of these business models were followed through and what their exit strategy is…


Look…I know it’s cool to incorporate media, get remote analytics and splash an entire site with Helvetica…But can we please keep the start-up world to services that have something to do with our lives and don’t add to the clutter?  I would hope that the great talents of our generation take the time to research, or at least improve upon, technologies that make web intake EASIER… Because your brainfarts are starting to stink up the place.

I’m not sure about the state of the music industry at the moment, but Indabamusic is a creative take on where the industry could go: a frantic, splintered world where polygamous beats casually make love and leave numerous offspring behind.

Indabamusic is an entire community dedicated to the proliferation of open source music. As with all communities you can find, friend, and mix with anyone whose created a beat and uploaded it to the Indaba platform. Multiple people can collaborate on a track and spread it around to create something truly organic (think postal service…sans postage costs).

Indabamusic also hosts a wide range of contests for community members to participate in. It’s a pretty smart system where up and comers can test their mixing skills while artists reach a new audience.

The only vague part about the service is how they conduct the business aspect of music production. From what I’ve gathered, negotiations are held strictly between individuals in the community and all rights belong to the mix(ers?)….hm….

What happens if multiple artists work together to produce one song that becomes a smash hit? Do they chalk it up to good publicity or kill eachother over the rights? Because the Indabamusic infrastructure was built over the soon to implode music industry, we can’t be sure what issues or legal formalities will come through crowd sourced music projects. If anything, IndabaMusic is a great experiment whose format should grow apparent to production companies in the near future.

From a starving artists point of view, I would join the Indabamusic community just to gain some exposure and make friends with those who are in a similar situation. What is fast becoming a philosophy of mine is that becoming a “power user” in a communitys’ early stage of development could pay off in the future. Show you’re dedicated to the Indaba community and I’m sure they’ll reciprocate.

Pretty simple concept: Chat room for YouTube Videos. You can create a private room or join a public one…That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Synchtube turned into another playground for the Hatemachine.

Even comes with a link to share…

Anyone want to discuss how cool the Simler tutorial is? Well…Here’s the link: http://www.synchtube.com/room/XMP3r7BPDT